Cashback rules

If you want to use our cashback program you have to accept the following rules. With sending the cashback form you have accepted the rules.

1.) A cashback will be only accepted over our referral link.

2.) The cashback will be only payed over the used payment service that you have used for the payment on the program.

2b.) If we not offer the payment service for the cashback use please one of the existing payment methods as alternate. Point 2) is then invalid.

3.) The cashback can be only payed, when the program is paying us. If the program not paying we can not send you a Cashback.

4.) You can increase the cashback value (RCB) if you register first. The value that will be increased you found in bold above the form.

5.) We pay the cashback latest 24 hours after we have recieved the referral provision from the program.

6.) Special rules for the program you found in the categorie "Others" in the program details.

7.) The Cashback have be ordered latest 2 days later after you have made the payment in the program.

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