Programs that have reached the BEP or where the operators have booked a premium listing, will be listed here.
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Min/Max: $90 / $500000
Referral: siehe Beschreibung
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Rating:
Users Rating:
Our Investment: $439.09
Payout Ratio: 229% in profit
Last Payout: Mar 22nd, 2017
Added: May 16th, 2016
Monitored: 317 days
Lifetime: 644 days

Atlantic Global (Questra) is a trading house which invests the funds of customers currently with 25 brokers.

The compensation is weekly for all packages (except Standard). In addition there is a large staggered Referral system.

Furthermore, has built the program a "insurance fund", in this case 10% of the revenue to be placed in the designated program and in return you have access to this in the case of losses.

Questra have completed now the separated systems. The Marketing section is now a complete own system with a own currency with the name "QP", what means Questra points. You will not see the referral system in the main system.

Questra have added new packages, too. They are bigger and have a extremly low commision fee.

Login for Invests - Login for the Referral System


White: 90€ | average 4% / Week | Upgrade: yes | term: 1 year
Yellow: 270€ | average 4,2% / Week | Upgrade: yes | term: 1 year
Green: 810€ | average 4,6% / Week | Upgrade: yes | term: 1 year
Blue: 2.430€ | average 5,0% / Week | Upgrade: yes | term: 1 year
Red: 7.290€ | average 5,2% / Week | Upgrade: yes | term: 1 year
Black: 21.870€ | average 6% / Week | Upgrade: yes | term: 1 year
Indigo: 65.610€ | average. 6,5% / Week | Upgrade: no | Laufzeit: 1 year
Vip: 100.000€ | average. 7,0% / Week | Upgrade: no | Laufzeit: 1 year
Vip Gold: 250.000€ | average. 7,0% / Week | Upgrade: no | Laufzeit: 1 year
Vip Platinum: 500.000€ | average. 7,0% / Week | Upgrade: no | Laufzeit: 1 year

After plans:
Standard: 90€ - 9,990€ | average 6,0% / Week | Upgrade: No | term: 1 year

Referral Provision:
Level 1: 5,0% |
Level 2: 2,0% | minimum 3.000€ Referral deposit required
Level 3: 2,0% | minimum 25.000€ Referral deposit required | 1.000€ Bonus
Level 4: 1,5% | minimum 50.000€ Referral deposit required | 2.000€ Bonus
Level 5: 1,5% | minimum 100.000€ Referral deposit required | 5.000€ Bonus
Level 6: 1,0% | minimum 500.000€ Referral deposit required | 20.000€ Bonus
Level 7: 1,0% | minimum 1.000.000€ Referral deposit required | 50.000€ Bonus
Level 8: 0,5% | minimum 3.000.000€ Referral deposit required | 150.000€ Bonus
Level 9: 0,5% | minimum 10.000.000€ Referral deposit required | 500.000€ Bonus


Minimum payout: 10€
Compensation: The billing and payment are in Euro.

Cashback information: You can send us the "E" number in the cashback form. If you send the normal U number you will recieve the money in Dollar with to the actual EUR/USD condition thats google is providing at the moment where we give the cashback.

Calculator for the weekly profit.

Cashback Bonus:
Advert on
1.) each full $100 investing: 1 day (125x125 Banner / left "Static Banner")
2.) each full $1,000 investing: 1.) + 7 days 468x60 or 728x60 Banner (upside banner)
3.) each full $5,000 investing: 1.) + 2.) + 10 days Top-Right Floating 125x125 Banner

The Cashback Bonus rules will be accepted.

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Programs which have not yet reached the BEP now or where the operator has booked a normal place, will be listed here.

Currently there are no items in the Normal listing using OKPay
So-called Sleeper programs. These are indicated by the fact that you use the "typical" standard template. They should serve as a rule to a service to the 100 - 200 days to build up before then convert it into a real program itself. This in turn means that you run quite reliable, especially when it is necessary, still operated by a known Admin.

Currently there are no items in the Sleeper listing using OKPay


Programs that are tested, but have not yet paid, and where the operator has not booked a place. They will be listet here since the 1st payment are done.

Currently there are no items in the Tryout listing using OKPay

Longterm & Prelaunch

In this list will be longterm and Prelaunch programs listed. On this programs it can be possible, that they made there first profit (away from Referral provion) first in some years, but than hopefully a really big one.

Currently there are no items in the Longterm & Prelaunch listing using OKPay
Here you can you add for free your program if you are the Admin.

Currently there are no items in the Free Listing listing using OKPay

Only listed

Programme, welche interessant sind, aber in denen (noch) nicht investiert worden ist und auch der Betreiber keinen Platz gebucht hat, werden hier gelistet.

Currently there are no items in the Only listed listing using OKPay

Scam / Run Out

There are only a few rules in this business. The basic rule is: Pay your users! Should this not be given, the program ends here. Also leaked programs are listed here.

Currently there are no items in the Scam / Run Out listing using OKPay
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